Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Helping Santa

Here it is the highly anticipated, often used, and heralded list of stocking stuffers. Last year I was unable to contain the list to one post. Consequently I had no less than five stocking stuffer blogs for my readers to read, digest, print out, and use all season long. If you do not partake in Christmas, this list is equally valuable for lesser expensive (in some cases) Chanukah gifts, hostess gifts, or friend gifts. What makes these ideas “stocking stuffers” is the size. Regardless, they are perfect gifts of any kind, you fill in the occasion! Now, let’s get started. As is precedent, there will be more of these blogs as I rarely contain myself to one post about something I believe is this vital!

Stocking Stuffers:

Baby acetaminophen and baby ibuprofen – this is really for Mom and Dad so the next time their little Cherub gets the need they don’t need to run out for the meds in the middle of the night/snowstorm/driving rains

Rattles - all shapes, sizes, colors, and sounds; make sure they are age-appropriate and will not irritate Mom and Dad

Socks – cute designs, silly characters, or six packs of white; babies need socks to keep their tootsies warm just like we do!

Bath care – cleansers for sensitive skin is a good idea; also baby powder, lotion, and diaper rash ointment

Hats – cute, crazy, silly, but always warm; be sure to get a size that will fit the noggin you are trying to keep warm


Crayons – Crayola are the very best but Rose Art makes a good specimen. The more the better when it comes to quantity; don’t forget to add some coloring books from Sesame Street, Disney, or Peanuts

Mittens – the crazier the better; bright colors, classic characters, and warm, soft feel are best

Candy – foil-wrapped chocolates, holiday lollipops, and/or candy canes in all different flavors from traditional peppermint to wacky fruit combinations

Little toys – Hot Wheels, Match Box (for boys or girls), Lego Duplo or Mega Blok sets for little hands, hand held dolls that aren’t too complicated and DO NOT come with a thousand tiny pieces, action figures/Superheros

Bubble Bath – scented bubbles, colorful bath crayons, or fun bath toys are all welcomed

School-aged Kids:

Spin Toothbrushes – favorite characters, great colors; don’t forget some awesome flavored toothpaste

Gift cards – kids this age want to exercise their spending power, so give them a card to a bookstore, discount store, clothing store, or toy store

Cash – what kid doesn’t love a new crisp bill to put in his/her wallet

Thank you notes – Pick a pack that has a cool character, beautiful scene , or simply “Thank you” on the cover; add funky pens, a book of stamps, and maybe a mini clipboard

Accessories – Earbuds, scarves, gloves, hats, costume jewelry, shoelaces, hair extensions with or without feathers


iTunes gift card – The power to purchase one’s own music is priceless

MP3 player – some way for them to listen to hours of their own music

Belts – get a few so they can change their look

Gum/mints – encourage oral hygiene and fresh breath

Necklace with special charm – for boys or girls, a piece of jewelry that subtly reminds your child how much you love them and still makes them look cool/grown up will endear you to them for a few more months


Journal – teens are at the age when they need to figure life (their life in particular) out; writing their struggles, hopes, and dreams on paper allows for a cathartic process – don’t forget a great pen

Money/Gift cards – this is very important to teens who may or may not make their own money, but desperately want to have the option to spend; don’t forget a gas card for the new driver

Wallet – great way to present the gift of cash/gift card

Scrapbook – this takes time and effort, but it is a labor of love; make a scrapbook from pictures, ticket stubs, school programs, and personal mementos that is unique to your child and weave it all together in one album or digitally

Trust – let them go out with a driver or be the driver as long as you are fully aware of where they are going and that NO ONE will be drinking and driving

College Students:

Quarters – a roll for the ever-present need to do laundry at the Laundromat

Laundry bag – a place to put the dirty clothes before they go to the Laundromat

Gift card to local pizzeria - on campus with a large amount so they can treat their friends

New clothes/accessories – college kids are usually poor and can’t afford to update their wardrobes; stick with staples and let them add the fashion flare

Nest Egg – buy a couple of shares of stock or a certificate of deposit in their name so when college is over they have a bit of a nest egg started for things like a down payment on a car or a house, buying a ring for a fiancĂ©, or traveling to Europe


Shaving kit – blades, shave cream, after shave, dob kit; better if you know their brands/taste

Underwear – good fitting but sexy versions; white is okay, but colors and cuts that make a statement are better

Socks – athletic socks, socks to wear with khakis, and socks to wear with a suit or tux are all appropriate

Tire gauge – a good quality one that will make him smile when he pulls it out of the stocking

Tickets – to his favorite sports team, band, musical theater, or destination


Perfume – a scent that drives you wild, suits her, and is something she wouldn’t treat herself normally

Underwear – good fitting but sexy versions; sizing is tricky but not impossible, do your research, pick great colors and alluring styles

Slipper socks – soft, fuzzy, warm, and cute; a cold-footed woman cannot feel sexy so warm her feet

Exotic foods – caviar, cheese, mustards, imported chocolates; the perimeters are based on your imagination

Jewelry – costume jewelry is fine and at times preferred, but, if you can afford it, buy a fine piece of jewelry that is totally unexpected (at a loss? Stay tuned, there will be an all jewelry post on Chief 187™Chatter in the very near future).


Pictures – pictures of the grandkids, hand-drawn pictures, family group pictures, old pictures of them when they were much younger and in love

Movie tickets – gift cards to the theater is much appreciated for those who love to see the latest flicks

Tutorial – volunteer to spend an entire weekend at the grandparents’ house to teach them how to use Facebook, Twitter, Google+, or any other feature on the Internet/computer

Dinner of the month – Invite your grandparents to dinner once a month so you are insured time together in the coming year

Books – find their interest and find them a book that matches it

These suggestions just scratch the surface; I will offer more ideas throughout the season and up through the hours before Christmas Eve. I highly suggest you print these ideas out and travel with them, you never know when opportunity meets necessity! And, it you’d like to share your ideas, traditions, and Eureka! Moments, please do so!

Happy gathering!

Please join me tomorrow for another fast, easy, and delicious recipe on Tantalizing Thursday on Chief 187™Chatter.

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  1. Hey there Chief!

    Funny thing is the first thing I noticed in the pictures of your Christmas Stockings is the fact that they look like ours do on Christmas Day. I think we need bigger stockings so all the goodies will fit "inside" the stockings. LOL!

    Great post!
    Dr. Rus