Friday, November 11, 2011

Friday Music Blog - Hair

Welcome to the Friday Music Blog on Chief 187 Chatter. As this is my site I can flit about freely and play with topics. I will be giving a Friday Music Blog topic in the next paragraph, but right now my thoughts are all about hair; my hair to be specific. I thought it would be fun and perhaps helpful to me if I share some pictures of me through the ages showcasing my many different (well, slightly different) hairstyles and decidedly different hair colors. I have been my current color for a year and have been wondering if I should go back to my dark origins or stay a playful “blond”? In an effort to help you help me make a decision the following pictures of my different looks over the years are here for you to vote on today. Will I follow your directive? Only time, your judgment, and my mood will tell…

Today’s topic is songs that mention hair – color, style, for any reason, whether it be in the title or the lyric or the name of the band! Be sure to include the name of the artist.

Each Friday I have been overjoyed to be able to announce new statistics at this site; I never know if the tally will stop growing and the pageviews cease, but thankfully I have more great news to share. On Thursday Chief 187 Chatter surpassed 33,000 pageviews and we are already on the fast track to our next big milestone! I am so curious and excited to see how 2011 will close total pageviews-wise at Chief 187 Chatter!

I want to take this opportunity to thank each and every Veteran for their service on this Veteran's Day! Thank you for your duty, your sacrifice, and your dedication. Much appreciation to you all.

I hope you continue to check this blog throughout the day and weekend to see the new selections that get added and leave your comments. Please use the weekend to catch up on any day you may have missed and to use the archives to explore the site. Finally, I invite you back here on Monday for the start of a brand new week of original postings!


  1. The Girl With the Flaxen Hair -Claude Debussy
    When I'm 64 -The Beatles
    Come Together -The Beatles
    Here, There And Everywhere -The Beatles

  2. I like the darker color in the earlier photos. I admire those who have the courage to color their hair. I have never, ever colored my hair. Well, except that time when I sprayed my hair orange for Halloween (I was Peggy Bundy from the show Married With Children).

    Just The Way You Are- Bruno Mars ("her hair")

    Around The Way Girl- LL Cool J (extensions, perms & weaves are mentioned)

    That's all I got. This was a tough one, I think. I may have more songs, but can't think of the lyrics to the songs!

    Have a great weekend Chief!

  3. America - Sister Golden Hair Surprise

    Your current hair is not blond. Light brown, maybe, but not blond. Ashley and Amber Cope... now THAT's blond.

    You're hot no matter what Jamie does to your hair...

  4. You look great in both colors! What's YOUR fav?

  5. Aahhgh decisions decisions. My two tone "classic" black & grey show my "choice" daily grey is taking over.
    As for music I've always loved the Eagles line Raven hair ruby lips sparks fly from her fingertips...from Witchy Woman.

  6. "Hair" from the musical and made famous by The Cowsills; a #2 hit in 1969.