Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Simple Joys

I have an over abundance of Simple Joys and for that I am grateful. By simply opening myself up to these gems in my life, I am more consciously aware of them and, thus, have more to share. Without further ado, here is this week’s Simple Joys.

Freedom ’90. I was on a rare journey in the car alone. My iPod was on shuffle in a playlist that is named for me because it is comprised of my current all-time favorite songs. I was unhappy with the choices that kept playing so I prompted the next song after song. Finally I heard the strains of this song start and put my iPod down to listen. This song still holds power for me over twenty years later. I love the beat, the lyrics, the music, and the sound. George Michael’s voice is strong and distinctive. The video that seeps into my mind when listening is iconic; George Michaels assembled the world’s top Super Models to lip-synch his song. It was a steamy, sexy video and it didn’t even feature George Michaels. I recall that when I used to commute to my teaching job, a mere 10-minute commute at best, I would often play this song to get psyched for the day. Driving home alone the other day I felt the same surge of excitement and freedom. Great song, great Simple Joy.

Grocery Store. I had a great feeling at the grocery store that I realize I’ve had for years. Clerk and customer alike know me in my store. From the produce department to the dairy I am smiled at, spoken to, and stopped by many for a moment here or there. Often my daughter is the reason as she is, empirically, a beautiful baby. But, before her, either one of my sons was the cause (also empirically beautiful children). Even alone, however, I am drawn into a conversation, an observation, or a story. I see neighbors, people from town, people I’ve worked with, and people I met last time I was in the store. I’m not overly gregarious, but I smile. A lot. And people just enjoy talking to me. It’s not a burden; I rather enjoy it. And a chore that can be tedious to many is actually quite a Simple Joy for me.

Writing. My writing has been a topic constantly at this site. But, this past week my writing has come to the attention of a NASCAR driver in both the Camping World Truck Series and the Nationwide Series. I wrote about her in the NASCAR site Skirts and Scuffs and sent her the link. Well, she posted the link to her fan page with my name attached. I took the opportunity to request an actual interview with her, and, within a couple of days, she had followed me on Twitter and privately sent me her email to work out an interview! We are supposed to do something soon. My writing career took a new turn with this step! I learned that the only way to get what you want is to go after it and simply ask. Had I never asked I never would be in this lovely position. But,  had I never embraced the idea that I am a writer, a writer as a career, I would never have a had the confidence to ask her. Chief 187 Chatter provided me the courage of my convictions to own my profession and to conduct myself with confidence. I am a writer and a damn fine one. This definitely counts as a huge Simple Joy.

Radio Personality. Since February I’ve been an on-air personality at another site I write for called WhooBazoo. The program on their Internet Radio station is called “Around the Cooler” and airs every Tuesday 8-10p EST and is a sports show. I come on around 9:20p EST to talk NASCAR for 20-40 minutes. I love this job! The live broadcast, my fellow broadcasters, Curtis, Bill, and Eric, and the call-in audience energize me. From choosing the topics to discuss to the preparation to know my content I am overjoyed with what I get to do. Having a weekly radio show to do is a really huge Simple Joy in my life.

It’s difficult to know when to stop writing for this topic. I feel there is always so much more to share from the week, but I want to stop to allow you all to leave the Simple Joys you have in your life as well. Because as great as it is for me to live and relive these Simple Joys, it helps me to read others’ and gain perspective, introduce myself to more ideas, and simply find joys in others.


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  2. Knowing that even after posing a question, the silence of the recipient of that question is a golden opportunity to go back and rephrase the question :-)

  3. My iPod is one of my complicated tech toys but the joy it brings is simple and immense. Music is the thing I return to for joy, inspiration and a pick me up on bad days. I just found out The Cars will have a new CD coming out. Heard 2 songs on that art college radio station this past week.

    Gregg Allman brought out a new CD too. Heard an interview with him. Seems he had to have a liver transplant because of all the drug and alcohol abuse. He talked about the simple joys in life like just getting up every morning to see the sun and the thing that got him through the operation was that he knew this album he was working on was on the other side.

    The only thing I'm known for at the grocery store is the crabby lady that won't let any one bag her groceries. Mt biggest pet peeve with grocery stores is the lack of common sense check out people have when they bag your stuff. I will reframe from elaborating cause it's not in line with the simple joys theme.

    I knew you should explore the writing thing. I'm glad you did. I could feel your need to write just bursting at the seems when I first read your blogs at Rowdy. Keep up the great work.....=D

  4. The first two words I saw of this blog were "Freedom 90" and I didn't have to read anymore... I was singing in my head. GREAT SONG!

    I, in general, do not like outside. So if I have a sunburn, I've done something enjoyable. Water skiing, baseball game, theme park, etc. While not a pleasant thing... it is the activity that goes with it that is joyful. ;)
    In this case my very red, painful forehead is from sitting in Bristol Motor Speedway. My first trip to the gladiator stadium like race track. Sitting with friends and family watching those cars spin around that 1/2 mile at 15 seconds a clip. Amazing.

    Lunch Bags.
    I don't know if I have written about this one yet or not. lol! My eldest child lost his brand new lunchbox pretty early in the school year. He said he would be fine with the traditional brown bag. So, now I write something little on each bag. Nothing that would embarrass him... I would never write, "I love you my shmoopsie poo"! Instead I'll write just whatever random thing comes to my head in the morning. On March 14th, I wrote, "Happy Pi Day!" On another day I wrote, "Be Kind, Rewind." (I think it might have been on a Monday trying to think of what movies would be on the Monday Movie Blog). Today I wrote, "Even a coroner wouldn't eat the cafeteria food." Who knows what tomorrow will be. This is an extension of what my mother used to do for me when I took a sack lunch on school field trips. She would always color something on my bag. Usually a tree with a sun and flowers... sometimes a stick figure of me. I think in part so I would know which one was mine among all those other nondescript brown bags. Every morning now, the younger two will read the bag before they head off to school to see what I wrote. Sometimes they laugh, sometimes, they are confused- due to the randomness. This has become a fun little thing to set the mood for the day.