Friday, March 11, 2011

Friday Music Blog

Welcome to Friday, the end of the workweek and another new topic for the Friday Music Blog. While formulating a topic for today I kept hearing the deafening sound of the persistent rain falling. Rainstorms have beaten my state on Monday and then on Thursday and through the overnight into today. Many areas are flooded, houses ruined, and streets impassable without boats. I am fortunate to live on very high ground and am not in harm’s way, but I feel for those who are.

The topic, thus, that makes the most sense to me is songs with “rain” in the title or in the lyric. By opening the topic to wider parameters, a more comprehensive list can be constructed. So, see how many songs you can think up and list for this category. All genres, including children’s music, are admissible.

On Sunday this weekend, my middle boy’s half birthday, I will have been working on Chief 187 Chatter for a full six months! For half a year I have written every weekday (and one or two weekend days) for this site I created. And, for the most part, you all have been with me every step of the way. I thank you sincerely and hope each day when I post a topic you’ll be there to read it, leave your comments, and check back. It has been an incredible experience and one that I am fully committed to continue.  We are on the brink of 10,000 pageviews – we have a few more hundred to go to reach that milestone. That number simply blows my mind! When we reach it, we’ll be doing some serious celebrating! In the meantime each pageview and each comment mean the world to me.

I look forward to reading your lists of songs that have “rain” in the title or in the lyrics. I’m delighted to begin a new week of blogging on Monday and to embark on the second half of this first year. And I am so thankful to have you all here along for the ride. Have a wonderful weekend, stay safe, enjoy, check out the comments throughout the weekend, and see you all back here on Monday!


  1. I Made It Through the Rain
    Raindrops Keep Fallin on My Head
    Raining in My Heartland
    Purple Rain
    Rainbow's Cadillac
    Will You Rain
    I Wish It Would Rain Down
    Mandolin Rain
    A Little Fall of Rain
    River In the Rain
    Rainy Day Women
    Cold Rain
    Horses Through a Rainstorm
    I Can't Stand the Rain
    Another Rainy Day in New York City
    She Talks to Rainbows
    Somewhere Over the Rainbow
    Still Raining, Still Dreaming
    Rainy Day, Dream Away
    One Rainy Wish
    It Ain't Gonna Rain No More
    Baby the Rain Must Fall
    Early Morning Rain
    It Never Rains in Southern California
    Fire and Rain
    After the Rain Has Fallen
    Naked in the Rain
    Rain King
    Let it Rain
    The Sky is Crying

  2. cold Kentucky rain
    blame it on the rain


  3. Can You Stand the Rain
    It Never Rains in Southern California
    Rainy Days & Mondays
    Rainbow Connection