Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Simple Joys

There are so many ways I’ve been enriched by writing Chief 187 Chatter.  From finding and owning my voice in the typed word to exploring myriad topics that interest, disturb, and confuse me, I am learning, growing, and expanding my knowledge base exponentially. Winter, typically a time of hibernation, isolation, and depression in my former life, has now been redefined as a time of self-exploration, wellness, and outreach. Among the ways I’ve made this transformation is through this feature of Simple Joys.

My Simple Joys are numerous and personal. What turns me on and enthralls me one week may not be the same the next, whereas other things are truly universal week in and week out. This week the following have made the list for my Simple Joys.

Pizza. The family and I treated my brother-in-law, his bride and their son to lunch at the local pizzeria on Saturday. This is our favorite pizza place, but the pizza is not consistently great. In fact, going on a Saturday afternoon we have gotten sub-par pizza, but they are only in town for the weekend and wanted pizza. We ordered, enjoyed scrumptious fried calamari that was crispy, tender, and delicious, and then was treated to our main course, pizza. To my delight and satisfaction the pizza came out picture perfect, smelling great, and tasting amazingly good. All were happy with their portion and I was relieved that our pizzeria delivered a terrific meal for us. I love pizza.

Sushi. With our out-of-town family visiting and wanting to partake in our area’s finest in dining, we packed up our two families, met our good friends, and ate in our all-time favorite sushi buffet. Buffets are usually not the way I enjoy dining out as the food sometimes sits out too long, gets dried out, and is flavorless to try to appeal to the masses. This restaurant is different and superb. Asian food, including numerous types of sushi, is freshly prepared before your eyes and constantly being refreshed when supplies get low. Nothing stays out too long and the food is the freshest I ever ate. If you are not a sushi lover or you prefer different kinds of Asian foods there are dishes such as teriyaki chicken, spare ribs, fried rice, crab cakes, and cooked cod. There are salads, peel-and-eat shrimp, crab legs, and soups. And, once dinner is sufficiently dined, there is a huge and luscious dessert bar as well as a crepes station and soft ice cream machine. It is a magnificent place! My husband and I enjoy sushi, as do all three of our children. The children are charged only a fraction of the full price fare based on their height. I feel sorry for the restaurant as when our children eat there, they eat more than they are charged!

Baby. We met our eight-month-old nephew for the first time. He lives in Dubai with his mom and dad and this was their first visit back to the States since his arrival. He is a handsome and precious boy who has big dark eyes, a full head of brown hair, and a wonderful demeanor. He was, however, stuck in a nine-hour-different time zone, suffering from jet lag, and in foreign land where nothing save mom and dad were familiar. I love this little tyke and completely sympathize with him. Hearing him crying in the middle of the night, however, did strengthen my resolve, that I am completely happy with the size of my family. I am confident that my baby making days are over and I am moving on to the next chapter of my life with my three children. This is a liberating and joyful decision. I can look at his little clothes and think “how cute” not “I want one”. I was blessed with the three children who made my family complete. And, now that they are here, I’m at peace.

I am always delighted to read what your Simple Joys are. Keeping the focus on the positive in life helps offset the negative. It has been and is my goal to keep the positive as the nucleus of Chief 187 Chatter. I hope you will assist me in keeping with that goal.

After you respond, please remember to join me tomorrow for an examination of infomercials. 


  1. Slightly mashed avocado on toasted french bread.
    Oh so yummy. Living in California avocados were pretty cheap, here in North Carolina, not so much in comparison. Even after 11 years, it still pains me to see a tiny HAAS avocado cost more than $1. So they are treats for me. I will occasionally buy ONE avocado (when it is less than a $1), and wait until the perfect ripeness. I will get a french baguette and cut it with a slight diagonal and toast it ever so slightly. I will even "slum it" on honey wheat sandwich bread if needed, but the french bread is just better. Then I mash a little bit of the avocado, spread it over the toast with the tiniest amount of salt and savor the treat. Ahhh! Talk about a Simple Joy. Now if you will please excuse me... I need to toast up some bread. ;)

  2. California style sunshine and unlimited opportunity :-)

  3. Been enjoying avocados myself lately. Great by themselves or cut up on tortilla chips with or without hot sauce or on a salad. Tasty little gems indeed. Will have to try the toasted baguette one.

    Spent all day with my grandson yesterday. We drew pictures, colored and played cars. He's a big treasure in my life. Keeps me grounded in the simple pleasures and I get to see the world through new eyes.