Monday, March 21, 2011

Monday Movie Blog

The Monday Movie blog is back to start the week. My husband and I are ‘weekend movie warriors’ – we don’t have the time or consciousness to watch movies during the week, so we try to catch one on the weekend. With race season in full swing, we don’t always succeed in one per week, but we still shoot for a couple a month. We enjoy movies, but, since becoming parents eight years ago, have missed more than we’ve seen! Creating this resource was a way for us to have opinions of ‘the best movies’ to see in one place. So far we’ve been thrilled with the outpouring of responses and have increased our Netflix queue tenfold! And we’ve yet to get through the first half of the alphabet!

Today the alphabetical wheel stops at letter “K”. I can’t help but think Klute with Jane Fonda! I’ve never even seen it, but the “K” just jumped out at me! I understand it is an interesting movie; I just wonder if the storyline stands the test of time. So, in addition to Klute, please list your favorite movies that begin with the letter “K”. Please include any actors you remember and a small synopsis or review.

Once you’ve left your list of movies that begin with “K”, please plan to join me tomorrow for Simple Joys, the most uplifting blog of the week. I urge you all to join me tomorrow and every Tuesday for this blog and to think of your own Simple Joys to leave as a comment.  I’m finding the more time I spend focusing on life’s Simple Joys, the more joyous my life is in general.


  1. Karate Kid (original)- Ralph Macchio. As a karate family... I would imagine you have seen this 80's classic.

    King & I- Deborah Kerr & Yul Brynner. I was flipping through channels one day and left it on this movie. My daughter recorded it and watched it multiple times IN A ROW. Then purchased it. Great movie!

    I'm sure there are many more out there... but my brain is fried after this weekend. ;)

  2. I never did get to see 'Killer Klowns From Outer Space' or even 'King Ralph' but I do remember a kool Lincoln Kontinental Konvertible in 'Kalifornia' :-)