Wednesday, May 8, 2013

What's Happening Wednesday

Welcome to What’s Happening Wednesday on Chief 187™Chatter.

Once again I’ve had the pleasure and good fortune to speak to drivers and other people for the radio programs I work.

Tonight I’m tickled to have not one but two special guests on Drafting the Circuits. Our first guest is the daughter of a NASCAR legend who is currently being considered for the NASCAR Hall of Fame Class of 2014, Fred Lorenzen. Amanda Lorenzen Gardstrom will be on the show to discuss her father’s career, his health, and another topic important to her, head injuries.

In addition to Gardstrom we are happy to announce that Buzzie Reutimann, David’s father and a racer in his own right, will be stopping by to chat with us. He’ll talk about his decades of racing and what it’s like to have your son be your team owner!

All of this plus the open wheel reports with macho Michele Rahal and the NASCAR segments with Ronnie Crate Payne, Gray Warren, Sinista 1 Keith Hayes, and me, Chief 187™ Candice Smith.

Burning Rubber Radio is also chock full of fabulous guests this weekend. Justin Lofton comes on to talk about the truck series he is racing that keeps him banged up and excited as well as spills some news about when and where we’ll see him in the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series next – it’s sooner than you think!

Full-time ARCA driver and part-time NCWTS racer Spencer Gallagher stopped by with his witty personality to talk racing, the differences between those ARCA cars and the trucks, as well as a lot of tomfoolery!

Lastly reigning Southeast Super Trucks champion and winner at Lonesome Pine Kenneth Headen came on to talk to us about the heck of a race he won and where the series is competing next. Plus I conducted a serious round table with Corrie Stott about the races from Talladega that is not to be missed! And make sure to get a terrific recipe from Chef John Dicks who whips up a tasty meat and potatoes meal just in time for Mother’s Day.

I had a dream come true this week on Heels on Wheels when I got to interview a jeweler from Indiana named Mark Grosser. Grosser is a fine jeweler and master craftsman who, in addition to his other collections, designs a line of fabulous IndyCar-themed jewelry. He has made custom designed pieces from pictures and is a true delight and artisan. Did I mention that he has taken professional photos at the Indianapolis 500 for over 35 years? Tune in to this interview to learn more. The other fine ladies interviewed the likes of Sarah Schilke, Shannon and Mary Mudro, and Michalla and Cori Beatty for this Mother's Day edition of the show. There’s Sizzlin’ Scotty with a fabulous recipe and, of course, my filed NASCAR report.

To find out where and when these programs air please read the following:

Drafting the Circuits airs LIVE tonight, Wednesday, May 8, 2013 on at 9pm ET. We have a live chat for listener interaction so be sure to check that out. The program is archived as a podcast on the site and is also available on iTunes as a subscription here 
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All programs on PMN are available on iTunes Radio and on the Aha Radio Platform.

If you are a fan of racing, NASCAR, IndyCar, Formula 1, and other series please tune in to these shows I appear. Each one is unique, has special guests from the racing world, and is prime entertainment!

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  1. Drafting the Circuits is on live tonight
    For the fans this is a delight
    For the latest in news
    And their racing views
    At Whoobazoo, set your browser tight

  2. That is FABULOUS, Cliff! Thank you!

    What do you have for our guests Amanda Lorenzen representing her father and Buzzie Reutimann?!

  3. Give me some time and I'll give you a couple of rhymes later today.

  4. Buzzy Reutimann, the father of Dave
    Refuses to crawl in a cave
    Still having some fun
    As his owner's his son
    To retirement, he is not a slave

  5. Fred Lorenzen's racing game
    Should be considered for the Hall of Fame
    On drafting the Circuits tonight
    And shedding some light
    Daughter Amanda is there to acclaim