Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Simple Joys

Welcome to Simple Joys on Chief 187™Chatter.

Sometimes I grasp for Simple Joys in my week, paying careful attention to construct good times, peaceful moments, and small events that make me smile or laugh.

Other times Simple Joys fall from the sky blanketing me with an all-over feeling of goodness that envelopes me and cocoons me from life’s sadnesses and struggles.

And still there are times in my life that Simple Joys are subtle but their message everlasting. Understanding and appreciating my lot in life, accepting the happiness and joy for what they are, and having the foresight to stay in the moment and not be overwhelmed by superfluous things has brought a serenity to me that washes doubt away.

Now, without further ado, is this week’s Simple Joys.

Lipstick. I’ve written about this before, but it bears repeating. I have worn lipstick since I was old enough to wear makeup, but I never found a signature color or brand that works well for me… until recently. I wear Maybelline’s Superstay 24 2-Step Color in Cinnamon Stay (130). It goes on me brilliantly, stays on endlessly, and compliments me splendidly. It even stays on and lasts through kisses which is miraculous because I kiss... a lot! All of that in one lipstick, I call that a Simple Joy!

Rain. Nothing sidelines an outdoor swim meet like thunder and lightning. This happened mid-week for our team so we had an unexpected night off. For the first time in many Wednesdays I was able to make a hot, homemade sit-down meal for my family. It was delicious and, more importantly, provided a forum for dinner table talk and a relaxed nighttime routine. Although we love the activities we are involved as a family, a last minute reprieve from the rigorous schedule we keep added several Simple Joys to our week.

Day late and pressed into service. The swim meet was rescheduled for the very next night. I packed the children up and arrived moments before my husband who came from work. While our children played and readied themselves for the competition, I was asked to volunteer since those who fill certain spots to make the meet happen smoothly were not all able to perform their duties on a different night.

I was asked to be the announcer for the night! I had to speak into the microphone in front of the entire meet and “marshall” the kids (have them line up in preparation to swim), announce the events, and read off the list of names of the swimmers as well as remind the folks that the concession stand was open and the 50/50 was still for sale! All of this while being calm, cool, collected, and entertaining.

Ok, so, I’m a ringer – I’ve been doing radio for a couple of years now and I was always comfortable talking to crowds from the years I was a teacher and ran a cheerleading competition.

Barring the fact that I unmercifully butchered the pronunciation of several last names, I was pretty good. And, secretly, would relish the chance to do it again and again! Using my “talents” to help my children’s swim team is a Simple Joy I hope to experience again.

Practice. Our middle boy is a brand new Tiger Scout in the Cub Scouts organization. Although my son and his den mates do not start weekly meetings until September, they are encouraged to take part in all of the scouting activities the Pack hosts over the summer.

The summertime Raingutter Regata is a family favorite and is this weekend. In an effort for our son and his den mates (and their parents) to get acquainted with the procedures and processes, my husband organized a “How To” dinner on Friday night. The boys dined on hot dogs, chips, and fruit salad while parents ate the same plus potato salad and a fabulous ramen noodle salad. They practiced in our "practice" gutter filled with water we had bought to allow our older boy to practice over the years.

The event was a huge success, the boys had a blast as did the parents, and it left us all feeling very optimistic about the Raingutter Regatta as well as the years we’ll spend together as parents in Cub Scouts.

Finding this all out on a rainy Friday evening was a bastion of Simple Joys!

Beach. The big fundraiser for the swim team was held at the adjoining beach club whose venue we use this past weekend. A day at the beach complete with food, a great band, super people, and my children who had the time of their lives was a fabulous way to spend a summer’s Saturday.

Helping out the swim team and having such a great time was a mess of Simple Joys all rolled into one!

There is always much good in finding the Simple Joys all around. For some weeks it takes concentration and a leap of faith to find Simple Joys. For other weeks Simple Joys sprinkle down like a summer rain that refreshes and renews.

Whether you write yours down like I do or simply think about them weekly, start recognizing the Simple Joys that populate your life and you’ll find they enhance your life and change your perspective for the better.

Please join me tomorrow as I wax poetic on yet another topic on Freestyle Wednesday on Chief 187™Chatter.

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