Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Make Positive Changes

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes – TOMKAT if you will – are divorcing and trying to amicably decide on child custody for their prized daughter, Suri.

Andy Griffith and Ernest Borgnine just recently passed leaving behind a society that remembers them fondly and laments their passing as the end of an era of innocence, wholesome entertainment, and superb acting.

The election being waged for the Presidency of the United States has seen the baser side of many who post anti-candidate rhetoric instead of pro-candidate issue stances.

One of the most popular book series among adult women is about taboo sex subjects and a male who, on paper, women should know to stay far away.

Watching the news with my nearly ten year old son, I have to literally turn the channel to kid programming because the rest is too horrifying, sensationalized, and crude for waffles and sausage.

This is not like me. Pointing out the sorrier side of real life is the antithesis of what I do in my daily writings. I think societally we can change the negative path we have gone down. We can turn the tides through sheer will and determination.

Why give in and watch about selfish Hollywood types who do not affect your daily life? Take the time and invest it in your own romantic life.

Instead of watching the glut of “reality tv” the clogs the television, watch only scripted programs with great actors.

Don’t forward and share cruel political posts; volunteer for the candidate you believe will do the most good in your community.

Instead of living vicariously through a written character in a book, why not experiment with your partner? Role-playing in a loving relationship can be highly rewarding. (That’s not to say there is anything wrong with reading a titillating book or watching a movie of like content).

If television news is too much in every way then read your news at reliable sites.

My point is, the negative will always exist, but we don’t need to give into it blindly. We have a choice and a voice.

I hope you join me in trying to live a positive life. It’s not always easy but it is always rewarding.


  1. It seems much easier to point out and/our exploit the bad. I think it takes a very conscious decision to make a habit of "good behavior" but it is very worthwhile. A lot more is accomplished, as you point out, by building up than by tearing down.

  2. I am positive you are correct!