Friday, January 6, 2012

Friday Music Blog -Vinyl 33 1/3 Records

Welcome to the Friday Music Blog on Chief 187™Chatter. Over the years we have discussed many musical topics from the albums that made you a lover of music to your current most favorite songs. We have found many similarities, some differences, and have exposed one another to great music. It is always my favorite day of the week because every Friday gives new opportunities to learn about new music, remember old favorites, and be introduced to an ever-growing list of fantastic artists.

This week’s focus comes from a longtime friend and reader, Mark. He contacted me just yesterday with this creative topic that I just couldn’t wait to use. List the last album you bought or remember buying as a vinyl 33 1/3 record.

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  1. Technically, the last album I purchased is a Christmas (2011) gift for my son. The album is "Smile Sessions" by The Beach Boys. Though I think that the last album that I acquired for personal use was a previously owned 9-album box-set collection of Arthur Fiedler and the Boston Pops titled "Pops Varieties." I got this set probably ten years ago.

  2. I have to be completely honest here... I do not remember EVER purchasing vinyl. I only remember purchasing cassettes.

    However, I DO remember my very 1st "big girl" album that I got for my birthday. It was Rick Springfield's "Working Class Dog". Shortly after that I got Mr. Springfield's "Success Hasn't Spoiled Me Yet" album. :D It sat among the Disney, Barbie & Muppet albums and spun around my blue & white plastic turntable. lol!

    Now that my wheels are turning. I might actually have to say that The Jacksons "Victory" album (1984) was the last one I had, but I really honestly don't remember ever actually purchasing them for myself. My mom taught aerobics and had hundreds and hundreds of 45s, so I would steal those after she was done with them.... but not 33 1/3s.

  3. Gosh that is a tough one, but a little thought reveals that it was The Stone Roses, I was desperate to get hold of a track that I did not know the name of, turns out that the track I was looking for was called Fool's Gold and was not issued on the album so I ended up buying the track I wanted on a 12 inch single the following week.

    Ironically some years later Fools Gold was issued on the rereleased version of the album hey ho it's only Rock'n'Roll !

  4. I have no idea which would have been the last one bought, but we have a whole stack of vinyl LPs that we haven't been able to enjoy in a long time. My Christmas gift to Marie was a turn table, she is delighted to pull out the old Carpenters, Simon & Garfunkel, John Denver, etc music. I have to go mow the lawn or something when she puts on John Denver.

  5. Husband believes his last one was one of those K-Tel records.;)

  6. I can't remember my last LP purchase but I remember my first one. Aerosmith : Toys In The Attic. I have a turn table and recently bought a Ion USB turn table to convert my LPs into my iTunes library. Now I must find the time to read, hook up said turn table and then down load my LPs.

  7. I actually collect vinyl...45s and LPs. I pick some up at garage sales, flea markets and resale shops. Have bought a few NEW ones...believe it or not there are pricey reissues of classic albums from a few small companies. I have 3 vintage consoles and a jukebox too. Vinyl is not dead!

  8. @ Jules... 45's used to cost 99 cents. My sister had a big collection that is now along side my baseball card collection that my mother threw out. I bought a direct drive turntable to play my 300 LP's, so I would not have to worry about replacing the 'rubber band' on my old one. The thing I didn't think about is buying a couple dozen needles. "MY BAD"... I also started recording my albums onto cassettes. I might as well have put them on 8 tracks. My first LP was 'The Loving Spoonful' and think the last one was a double album 'Derrick And The Domino's Live'

  9. I never stop buying Vinyl. Believe it or not you can still buy new music on vinyl. I bought Röyksopp's album "Junior" in 2009 on vinyl when it came out.