Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Life's Grandest Luxuries

Each year for the last eighty-five the upscale department store Neiman Marcus has issued a Christmas book; a catalogue of gifts available for their finest clientele. Among the items listed in the annual Christmas book in previous years are their famous cookies, specialty jewelry, and one-of-a-kind delights like a Jack Nicklaus designed golf course in your own back yard for a cool $1 million.
This year marks the 50th anniversary of the His & Her Fantasy Gifts Neimen Marcus instituted to bring a new element into luxurious spending for the holidays. When the category began in 1960 the gift was matching His & Hers Beechcraft airplanes costing $176,000. Today's offering for the His & Her gift is the MetroShip Houseboat costing $250,000.
After turning our introspective eye inward at the beginning of the week to identify the "great joys" and "little luxuries" we revel, it's time to open the floodgates of our imaginations and construct our own Fantasy Gift catalogue that incorporates the luxuries we'd all love to possess. The sky (or beyond) is the limit! Working together to "fill the pages" of our fictitious booklet may be even more fun than actually getting any of this stuff - well, not really, but we have the opportunity to make our Fantasy catalogue now, most do not have the means to buy this stuff!
Think as outrageously as you can, but try to make it what you would really love to own in your wildest fantasies, not just something expensive but you could care less about. Let's personalize this creation. Are you a baseball fan, a car enthusiast, a jewelry lover? Do you adore fashion, electronics/technology, or toys? Are exotic vacations your thing? Are music, art, or the written word your passion? Identify where you would spend your money and make a page or two of offerings you would love to see in a Christmas Fantasy Gift book tailored to you. For each person who responds we'll have a more luxurious catalogue! What could be more fun than getting in touch with your ultimate wants?
Join me and post your Christmas gift (or Chanukah or whatever gift-giving holiday you observe) fantasy list here. Be specific and, if you are so inclined, include the prices you think the items you mention would go for in reality. Let's start the window shopping this holiday season in our own catalogue!


  1. I'll begin!

    One-of-a-kind diamond ring suite designed precisely to specifications. $1.5 million

    2 month European 5 star vacation including meals, hotels, admissions, and shopping. $3 million

    Earrings to coordinate with diamond ring suite. $3 million

    Mansion with enough rooms and bathrooms to house my entire family over the holidays/summer, a media room, a bowling alley, a 15 car garage, and an intimate feel. $15.5 million

    Season passes and hot pit passes to any and every NASCAR race I'd care to attend with a special Rowdy meet-up luxury tent catered by the area's best restaurants. $375,000

    A teleportation device to get me or my family/friends where we need to go quickly, painlessly, and without endless security entanglements. $15 bazillion

    A diamond necklace and bracelet suite to complement the ring and earring suites above. $25 million.

    An array of colorful gemstone jewelry pieces in myriad colors, shapes, sizes, and cuts to delight my every whimsy, outfit, and mood. $50 bazillion.

    Having my hair stylist live here so I'd look perfectly coiffed every day. Price to be determined.

    Knowledge that my family and friends will be healthy, enjoy longevity, and all experience blissful love and happiness in their lifetimes. Priceless

  2. I'd love a full 30 race NASCAR package tour with a convoy of Camping World Premium 29' RVs for use by all my Rowdy Friends with $1m spending money thrown in ! Heck is $1m enough ? Better make it $5m just incase the cost of gas rises or the Rowdy boys show up thirsty :-)

  3. To rent the New York Philharmonic and the new Giants Stadium so I can conduct a concert of classics for the masses!

    (Or tickets, travel and accommodation to every Formula 1 race in 2011.)

  4. AUGH! I wrote a whole thing and it didn't post. I will try again. :(

    Hidalgo sea turtle ring w/ stackable diamond bands.

    Barbados vacation with a "swimming with the sea turtle" lunch cruise adventure. With the guarantee that I will see and swim with the turtles. (bucket list item)

    Plastic Surgery... I have a list.

    I share your vision with the catered Rowdy meet up tent. With special interview guests like Joe Gibbs since they admire and look up to him so much. And a band. ;)

    EVERY Sprint Cup race for one season + a few Nationwide races. In the stands, I've found I like it better than the pits.

    The RV that Stephen wants. Along with the time and money needed so Stephen could travel.

    2011 Nissan 270Z Roadster Touring w/Sport Package. Loaded to crazy. $42,000.

    2011 VW EOS $32,000.

    Beach home. Mountain home. NYC home.

    I've always wanted a small 3-bedroom home that I could offer up to friends and family on vacation in my area. To help them save money on lodging and food. A cozy, comfortable place to feel at home when they are away from home. I've dreamed about how I would decorate each room. What I could do to enhance my guests stay. Coming in for the race? Vacationing in North Carolin? Passing through and need a break? Something that I could say, "Come, enjoy, relax."

    Archidude and I get together and he helps me design my dream house (with above house in the back perhaps?).

    Chayse Dakota from the old TLC show "While You Were Out" to help decorate said dream house.

    All the money I would ever need to participate in as many or as few Avon Walk for Breast Cancer events that I choose every year for as long as my body holds up. (plus travel to each event).

    racer- stephen would have the same thing on his list i think. ;) i got him a Tesla hat and shirt, since he can't have the car. LOL!

  5. I will be eagerly awaiting that architectural commission from you, Jules.

    Speaking of architecture . . .
    I just want an infinite pipeline of money so that I can acquire whatever land that I desire and design and have build speculative/creative/experimental houses on this land. Some of these would be budget-less. Most would be intentionally inexpensive and affordable. Then, I could either sell or give these houses away.

  6. Oh, and I have dreamed about having the financial resources to begin some sort of small/creative manufacturing business(es) to put people to work. Because, I believe that the key to getting the USA out of our financial slump is that we must make things to sell.

  7. A garage mahal with vintage race cars and collector cars. I would also like season tickets for life at the Philharmonic, the Hollywood Bowl and Schubert Theatre. I love the arts so a few prints from Ansel Adams, Charles Polluck, Lorna Simpson, Rachel Harrison, Anna Louise Felstead, Brian Martinowski, Dana forrester, and David Snyder.
    A Porche dealership will do also.