Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thankgiving!

Hi everyone. This is your substitute blogger Racer187. Chief is a little under the weather with the stomach bug that the kids brought home for Thanksgiving. She is devastated that she is unable to come downstairs and post her Thanksgiving blog. At some point in time today she will try to come down here and post and I think she would appreciate a warm welcome. If you can find some time, please post a "Get Well" comment for her below. She would LOVE to see them when she is better.

Thank you for visiting her blog. Other than the kids, this blog is her life. Your comments, posts, feedback are the racefuel that keeps her motor running throughout the day. Thank you for being a part of her life.



  1. Get well my friend.

    Wishing the whole 187 family a wonderful day. It ain't really about food anyway.

  2. Oh No! I know how much you look forward to this day. Prayers that you feel better faster than speedy! LOVE to you and the rest of the 187's!

  3. Poor Chief 187 ! Hope she gets well soon ! Happy Thanksgiving to all the 187's.

  4. That is awful! I hope you're feeling well VERY VERY soon! (those rotten kids and all their germiness...)

  5. Heck of a day to be struck down with illness. Sorry to hear it and hope you feel better soon.
    Now For The Jokes...
    Your a mom, moms don't get sick. Next thing you will tell me is that Nuns have to use the bathroom.