Friday, November 12, 2010

Friday Music Blog

Happy Friday! We've made it to the end of the work/school week and are inching closer and closer to the holidays! We explored our deepest joys and luxuries, and even conversed with our younger selves. It's been a productive week and now we close with the popular Friday Music Blog. I encourage all who read but have yet to comment to please feel free to leave your selections. The longer the list the stronger it is and the more we have to read, agree, or debate!

Today's topic focuses on songs with "life" in the title. Since we spent so much time examining our own lives this week, this topic seemed appropriate. So do the searches that conjure up any and every song featuring the word "life"

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As I close week 9 of this blog I am more encouraged than ever to continue. The feedback you all have given me is driving me to seek out identifiable topics, explore deeper emotions, common concerns, and keep a handle on the entertainment side of what I do here. From movies to music, from passion to anger, from parenthood to coupledom, and from dependency to independence, no topic is off-limits. I'm trying each week to keep positivity at the forefront of my posts, be honest with myself, and keep a connection between me and my readership. I am honored and humbled by those of you who consistently check in with me and this blog, tickled by the growing numbers this blog attracts daily, and inspired to continue posting! Thank you for accompanying me on this journey.

Have a great weekend, take a few minutes over the weekend to check back on the blogs that interest you and see how the Friday Music Blog fairs, and I'll see you back here on Monday for a whole new week of original topics!


  1. "Life is a Highway" - Tom Chochrane (I also like the Rascal Flatts version.)

  2. "Life without you" - Matthew Sweet
    "Story of my life" - Social Distortion
    "Worried Life Blues" - Eric Clapton

    That's all I've got for now...

  3. you stole mine! lol! Life is a Highway was the first to come to mind. ;)

    Story of My Life- Neil Diamond
    Better Than Life/God is Great- HGBC Worship Dept.
    Is There Life Out There- Reba McIntyre
    18 and Life- Skid Row
    Circle of Life- The Lion King Soundtrack

  4. A Day In The Life -The Beatles
    Got To Get You Into My Life -The Beatles
    Walk Of Life -Dire Straits
    What Is Life -George Harrison
    You Are The Sunshine Of My Life -Stevie Wonder

  5. Songs to the Key of Life- Stevie Wonder
    Live your life- Rhinna

  6. Life During War Time... Talking Heads
    It's My Life... Billy Joel
    Life In the Fast Lane... The Eagles
    My Life ... Frank Sinatra
    Life Is A Carnival... The Band
    Walk Of Life.... Dire Straits