Monday, November 5, 2012

Monday Media Blog-Bill Murray

Welcome to the Monday Media Blog on Chief 187™Chatter.

Last week, in anticipation of Halloween, my family and I watched the original Ghostbusters movie.

It was great fun revisiting this film that starred Bill Murray, Dan Akroyd, and Harold Ramis.

Released in 1984, the movie still holds up today with references, awesome comedy, and a fun story. Bill Murray had top billing and truly is the standout star of the film.

The focus this week is thus list your favorite movies starring Bill Murray. His career has spanned the decades and he has proven he is a talented and diverse actor.

Please join me tomorrow for the uplifting and ever-popular Simple Joys on Chief 187™Chatter.


  1. Just saw a great movie with Bill Murray that garnered little attention from the media, Moonrise Kingdom. He actually has more of a supporting role here, as the 2 kids really pull the movie through, however, his dry, humorous delivery is fully intact. A delightful little flick!

    Another good one with him is Broken Flowers. Of course, Lost in Translation made him a star all over again and let's not forget The Life Aquatic. Gee, guess I really like his later work!

  2. This weeks Simple Joy hearing that the 187's survived Sandy :-)