Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Simple Joys

Welcome to Simple Joys on Chief 187™Chatter.

This week is one of transitions in Casa 187. As summer wanes and a new school year is upon us my home is in a state of flux. My parents will be closing their summer home and begin the packing that will commence in their leaving for Florida. My boys are both going to full time school, the ten-year-old starts fifth grade, the last year of elementary school in our district, and the middle boy embarks on first grade, a long full day (Kindergarten is half day in our town).

My daughter and I will be left to our own devices for six hours per day for the first time ever. I hope to forge a tight bond with the child who heretofore has been driven hither and yon no matter her schedule since birth. Now we get a chance to experience one another’s personalities, find common ground, and grow a mother daughter relationship that is fun and, hopefully, healthy!

Trepidation fills my boys as they contemplate a life with strict boundaries – full day school, Cub Scout achievements and milestones, Karate tests, swim class, etc. – and the newness that accompanies every first day of school. My eldest feels the winds of change most acutely recognizing that his grandparents who have been around daily all summer, will be leaving. He understands that change is inevitable but the weightiness of that concept is a big pill to swallow.

My job as Mom is to assure my son that what he is feeling is natural, but how he deals with the sadness, fears, and uneasiness is entirely in his hands. It’s the Simple Joys, I tell him, that makes each day full of wonder.

And now, without further ado, is this week’s Simple Joys.

Sexy earrings. For my 40th birthday my husband picked out some gorgeous earrings for me from the entire family. Like all families the economy has hit as hard so extravagant gifts are few and far between. Being that this was my milestone 40th birthday (and because I write about everything that happens in my life) my husband came through with a special gift. With my long wavy hair little earrings tend to get completely lost on me. Knowing this my husband chose a great dangle earring with a lot of presence. The man also knows how much I truly appreciate jewelry as wearable art with sentimental value.

Having a stunning pair of earrings to wear that my husband picked out specifically for me makes me smile every time I wear them (and I’ve worn them every day since opening them) and was a Simple Joy that makes me feel so very blessed. Thank you, Racer!

Massage pad. I’ve written how much I enjoyed going to the nail spa my mother treated me recently because of the massage pad on the chair. My parents, the people who tend to spoil me with love, found a similar product at the local drug store and purchased it for me as a belated birthday gift so I could start enjoying it immediately. I love it and am currently writing this article while enjoying its benefits.

Having a touch of pampering while writing at my desk is a Simple Joy that will now occur every time I sit down to work. Thanks a ton Mom and Dad!

Playing Legos. Last week I told on myself about not paying enough attention to my daughter. We still struggle at times but I’m trying to strike that balance. Like her brothers, she enjoys playing Legos with me. This entry must seem like it is included all of the time, but I can’t help it. We play Legos… a lot. And I adore it all of the time. Now I have more cause to find the “girl Legos” for my daughter to make female Lego Minifigures in which to populate her imaginary Lego world. We have a ton of fun looking for, constructing, and playing Legos.

Making time to play Legos with my children is a Simple Joy I hope to always include in my busy schedule!

Chat and Chew. Our good friend introduced us to a fabulous breakfast/lunch restaurant when we were all together at Pocono Raceway called the Chat and Chew. The place is located in Blakeslee, Pa and serves the most scrumptious food ever! My husband and I love it so much we took the Daimler to eat there over my birthday weekend and it is over an hour away from where we live! So worth the trip!

On Labor Day Monday we brought our entire family including my parents to try this restaurant. Every single person loved their meal – this place is the best! Check them out on Facebook. I am not a hired person doing an endorsement. This is truly a Simple Joy I want to yodel about from the top of the highest mountain! https://www.facebook.com/pages/Chat-and-Chew/173609976006959 If you are ever near enough to try this place, please do. And tell them Chief 187™ sent you.

Pain. I won’t lie; I’ve not been well this last week. Some various ailments have plagued me, thankfully none too serious, but certainly yucky enough to make life difficult. Illness and pain are not Simple Joys by their very nature, but relief is.

First, ibuprofen is a Simple Joy when taken as recommended on the package. I do not live on this stuff, but when I need it it comes through for me. And, secondly, my middle son is even better than ibuprofen! He intuitively knows when I’m feeling ill and how to try to make me feel better. He strokes my had and talks very quietly to me. He’s an angel!

Having ways to alleviate my pain is a Simple Joy I am once again thankful and blessed.

All in all the week has been a fine one filled with several Simple Joys despite my short-lived bout. I am sold on the fact that no matter what kind of hour, day, or even week you have Simple Joys are the things, moments, and emotions that act as the cohesive that binds your life together.

Wishing you all a week filled with Simple Joys. And, please know that anybody who would like to share their Simple Joys is not only welcomed but encouraged to do so.

Please join me tomorrow to learn about a fabulous musician I had the great pleasure to interview recently on Freestyle Wednesday on Chief 187™Chatter.


  1. Hey Candice!

    Wonderful words as always! And I love the coffee mug featured here too!

    Dr. Rus