Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Love: Part IX

After a heart-wrenching day like yesterday – September 11th – it’s time to turn the tides and look to the sweeter side of life. And, for me, there is nothing sweeter than Love.

Love in all of its forms – complicated, messy, confusing, exciting, breathless, soothing, nurturing, romantic, passionate, immediate, and longing – is the focus on this edition of Love: Part IX on Chief 187™Chatter.

I believe it is Love, Love that is the meaning of life. Love is the glue that holds us together. Love lifts us when we are down. Love propels us to greatness. Love is what “it” is all about in life.

So, here is this month’s Love.


Flying Dreams” Paul H. Williams – This song was written for the animated full length feature film The Secret of N.I.M.H. As a young girl I watched the movie and was transfixed by this beautiful song. It colored my vision of a world filled with Love. It still fills my heart, enriches my life, and enforces my believe that Love is the key.

Feels So Good” Chuck Mangione – Just listen to it… seriously. If you don’t feel it I can’t help you, but it stirs in me a passion, emotions so strong that they emanate through my pores. It is HOT and it is another personification of Love in my life.

Suspended in Time” Olivia Newton John – From the Xanadu soundtrack this song has always resonated. Desperate situations and desperate times call for a plaintive wish. Who hasn’t wanted to freeze time and keep a moment intact? Love is all powerful.


The Secret of N.I.M.H. – There are so many examples of love in this animated movie that has stayed with me for 30 years. Romantic love for a dead spouse, friend love, loyalty love, familial love, and love of life are all present in this truly inspiring and lovely movie. This is an all-time favorite film in my life.

Xanadu – It was a fluffy confection from 1980 but it stayed with me for the last 30+ years. The music still makes me dance and smile. Gene Kelly was a bonus and, I can’t help it, I’m a huge Olivia Newton John fan. Roller Disco, feathered hair, barrettes with streamers, and purple eye shadow were the rage! The love story between the Muse and Man was frothy but enjoyable. ELO did the soundtrack. Sweet. Totally.

Annie – The movie that came out in 1982 based on the Broadway musical was over-the-top wonderful! The music was superb, the actors excellent, and the red curly hair and red dress for the finale were ideal. But, the love story – between Daddy Warbucks and his assistant Grace Farrell as well as the sweet one between those two and Little Orphan Annie – is so adorable that it’s neat to watch for all of these aspects.


Let’s face it, I haven’t been reading much besides NASCAR books recently. I don’t really mind at all, and sometimes I’m able to pick out a great love story, but not of late.

For decades I read every Danielle Steel book published… I think she finally out-paced me. I’ve written before how those books delight, enthrall, and serve as an escape for me. They’ve inspired great loyalty, provided wondrous ideals, and endless Simple Joys.

I’ve read thousands of books and many of them have had epic love stories, but unfortunately I never kept a book journal – something I highly recommend for avid readers. Had I done that this category wouldn’t stress me out so badly.

Now I spend more time writing about Love – and living a life filled with love I’m blessed to report – that I rarely get to indulge the habit of reading about it. If you have any books to recommend that would fit I would love the titles!

Love, it appears, has been a common theme of interest since childhood for me as this month’s selections clearly show.

Let’s face it, I always have, still do, and most likely always will love Love.

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