Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Flirt

The first look. A secretive glance.

Eyes lock for a split second then you turn away. When you look back he’s still looking, grinning seductively.

You are near one another, impossibly close. She smells incredible, intoxicating. Her hair is soft, full, lush. Her eyes are large and looking at you.

Your hands graze one another accidentally. The electricity is palpable.

You both smile, a lot. You engage in casual conversation and, while doing so, find reasons to touch one another. On the arm, on the leg, on the face.

Your mind is on short-circuit. Your breath is a bit shallow, your pulse is racing, and your hands are clammy.

All of a sudden you worry about things like your breath, armpit stains, and the condition of your underwear.

But that momentary feeling of extreme self-doubt passes because this exchange is going so splendidly.

You both tease as you talk. Say things that are a bit bold, complimentary, silly, and true.

You long to kiss, to touch, to feel.

And then it’s time to part. You exchange information. You wonder if you made the magic up, question the validity of your feelings.

There are messages exchanged, texts, emails, Facebook correspondences. There are phone calls that last for hours, into the wee hours of the night.

You agree to meet again, to date.

And you think this time you have found the one… and so does the object of your desire.

Do you remember scenarios like this playing out in your life? Did they work out or fizzle? Do you still flirt?

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  1. Wow!!! Little sweaty right now! I only flirt with certain people, hehehe.