Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Chief 187™Chatter Poll

I love finding out about my readership and the best way for me to do that since I cannot logistically have a sit down discussion with you all is to post a poll!

One of the most resounding types of these came back in April when I inquired what your favorite beverage/libation is.

Now I’m switching gears and posing a new question.

Let me begin with a preface. My children have never had the lucky opportunity to have the Good Humor Man drive onto our street and offer his wares. We live in an isolated part of our community so it never (not even rarely) happens.

I feel terribly as I recall throughout my childhood the magical tinkling sound of the bells when the Good Humor man came driving down the neighborhood roads. I begged my mother for money – certainly far less than a dollar – and had the Herculean task of deciding what to order when he finally arrived on my road.

My children, poor lads that they are, have only read about this and, on occasion when we are passing through the main arteries of town, have spotted one going the opposite direction. Their little faces are crestfallen because they are not able to indulge in this childhood rite of passage.

Nowadays I’m not even sure what the Good Humor Man (or Woman) carries on their truck.

So, today’s question to y’all is, what was/is your favorite Good Humor treat from childhood and/or today?

I look forward to everyone’s response.

And, maybe this summer I can make it my goal to track down the Good Humor Driver and treat my children!

Please join me tomorrow for delicious recipes on Tantalizing Thursday on Chief 187™Chatter.


  1. Mom liked a Creamcickle, and a vanilla ice cream covered in chocolate.
    In Brooklyn we had an independent "frozen wood vender" who sold ices. No, cream just flavored ice. My favorite flavor was Root Beer.

  2. Definately has to be the Ninja turtle ice cream that had gum for eyes. They still have them, but I think the character is Spongebob now.

  3. Definitely the Bomb Pop. With it's red white and blue coloring, you had to be a commie not to like it!

  4. Flake 99™, Strawberry Solero, Frozen Strawberry Yoghort, I don't really want one icecream I wan't the whole dang ! Mr Whippy Van. If you do not know what one of those is google it :-)