Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Change has been the topic on my mind for days. On my other blogging site,, a NASCAR fan site, I wrote about change last weekend, but more applicable to changes on the site. But change, like death and taxes, is a constant. Change happens whether we want it to or not.
Change takes us out of our comfort zone, excites us, terrifies us, and gets the adrenaline pumping. And although many of us complain that we want change (new job, better house, sometimes even a different spouse) when we are presented with the opportunities that lead to change many simply resist or let the opportunities pass by. We fear the unknown. The status quo, although we may believe is stifling us, is so much safer and more comfortable than change must be. Of course, like it or not, change occurs and eventually the change becomes the norm.
In my world of late change is happening at warp speed. As the seasons change I see the relentless march of time. My children, now 8, 4, and 11 months, have grown leaps and bounds hitting milestones galore. I attended the 8 year old's Back to School night for 3rd grade. We were told that 3rd grade is a very tough year and brings with it a lot of change. From cursive writing to multiplication tables and from note-taking to taking more responsibility as a student, my first born has now entered the educational path that will take him away from my home and off to college one day. My 4 year old is in his second year of Nursery School. Unlike last year's toddler program, this year prepares him for Kindergarten. He will begin learning to print the alphabet, spell his name, learn his home address and phone number, and, most importantly, how to be away from me for longer periods of time to prepare him for the public school day. This baby, not even toilet trained at this time last year, is reveling in his 'big boy' status. He boasts of his character underwear (Batman, Lightning McQueen, Buzz Lightyear), is proud of his  job as a student, "I go to school like Matthew", and is eschewing the naps he still desperately needs but he sees tying him to infancy. Lastly, my 11 month old is whizzing through her first year of life. If you have more than one child you will agree that the younger child(ren) hit milestones faster, stronger, and better than the first born. This little girl rolled, sat up, ate, and walked far earlier and more graceful than her two older brothers. She has little time for cuddling or sleep for that matter! Her pace of change gives me whiplash!
Change is not only happening to my children. In my life change is happening all around. My husband and my relationship continues to evolve, gets tested by the chaotic pace of life that defines raising 3 kids together, and stands up to the stresses that this economy, our past histories, our coping mechanisms, and twenty-four years together can bring. We met as teenagers (I was 14 he 17). Now married nearly 18 years, the changes require us to grow. We learned early on, if one is growing and the other isn't, then one of us may get left behind. So we continue to fight tooth and nail to keep our relationship top priority, a Herculean task with those kids in our home!
My role in my own live has changed as well. I went from being a well paid teacher who saw hundreds of faces each day and affecting thousands of lives to being a stay-at-home mom. This change was the best of my life! My best day teaching, and there were many of them, does not hold a candle to my worst day as a parent (puke, poop, melt-downs). There is no way to explain to a non-parent, but, if you are a parent you know what I mean. Now I have more time to think of "what's next?". The blogging fulfills a lifetime desire to write. From my earliest memories, when I put pencil to paper, I have been crafting stories, compelled to communicate through the written word. Writing's import in my life has not changed, the technique to get it out in the world has. I have other interests that I am anxious to explore as well. I know all too well that my mommy days, the day-to-day job, will be over all too quickly. Change is lurking around every corner. My job is to be ready for it, embrace it, keep an open mind to it, and prepare my children for it.
How is change impacting your life?


  1. I admit I hate change. However, I handle change oddly, based on situations. A seemingly little change can put me over the edge (say a small change to a computer program or web page). I want to know everything about the change and how it will effect me and my world around me. Other times, they just slide right by.
    However, HUGE life changes I have been known to take with a grain of salt and just "roll with it." When my husband lost his job last year, while I was worried for my husband and family, I felt that I took the change in stride. Made the necessary adjustments needed to keep going. When I found out I was pregnant with my 1st child, I felt that once I made a few decisions- it wasn't so scary having a child and being a single parent.
    Getting married and moving across the country- no problem. However, when it came time to make the decision to stop homeschooling my children- it still effects me to this day. It has been 4 years since I put my children into the public school system.
    Life changes are coming up for me. I am preparing for those changes, by going back to school to earn two certificates through UNC-Charlotte. I'm planning on going back into the work force. The change of returning back to school made me a little nervous, returning back to the work force- scared to death!
    I see changes in my children daily and I fully understand what you are saying... it goes by quickly. I wish I had really listened and paid closer attention to all those people who said, "Enjoy it, it goes by fast." It really does!

  2. Every day is a new opportunity change I love it ! :-)

  3. sjdrj, thank you so much for your comments. I completely understand where you are coming from. We seem hardwired to handle life's major changes (death, job loss, moving), but we can become unglued by a change in time and date of our favorite television show!
    I admire you for taking the reigns and going back to school, never an easy feat, but especially with a family!
    I try to live "in the moment" with my children. It is not always so easy, but I try to start my day over (sometimes a ton of times) to give my eyes a fresh perspective and find my gratitude.

    I hope to hear from you so more! Best of luck to you!!

  4. Thank you for finding me, Art! I hope you hang out here and keep up with my writings :-)

  5. I have always embraced change, but man it is coming fast and hard. When you stand inside the tornado you have to believe it will end. I believe, but I could never have done it with a host of good friends.

  6. Thanks for checking in, Tyler. Standing in the storm is when life is testing you the most. But, as you stated, with good friends there to guide you out, you WILL survive. Hope to hear from you again here. Chief OUT!

  7. Thank you, Fireball Doowah! I really appreciate it. I hope you stick around and continue to read. Please feel free to always add your comments, they are more than welcome.