Thursday, February 9, 2023

Celebrate Valentine's Day with Verve!


Steeped in history, full of positive emotion, and a chance to shake off the winter doldrums, celebrate Valentine's Day this year with gusto!

Decorate your space, make your Valentine's card/gift list, plan, and shop!

Where should I go to purchase Valentines and Gift?

As always, I recommend the local dollar store to help you stay on budget and still be generous. My go to is the Dollar Tree. They are nationwide and full of great ideas, wonderful values, and beautiful cards - Hallmark cards and Handmade cards are still so reasonable!

But you can supplement with some high-end items like live cut flowers from your favorite florist, homemade chocolates from the neighborhood candy store, lingerie from the town center boutique, and/or an amazing bauble from your hometown jeweler.

These are merely suggestions. Even if all you can do is construct a card from scraps found at home, it's a wonderful gesture!

Making the effort to tell your friends, family, and loved ones how you feel about them is good will that will come back to you tenfold, so start planning now!

There are only a few days until Valentine's Day. Yet, there is more than enough time to make this one the best yet!

Why not take my advice to heart and ENJOY Valentine’s Day this year?

I can help.

Isn’t Valentine’s Day just for overly romantic couples?

Remember that Valentine’s Day is for all kinds of love - familial, friend, newly smitten, long-term, or even loving and honoring yourself. It’s for anyone who loves love.

So, plan the kind of celebration that works for you.

What kind of celebration should I have?

A cute Valentine’s Day tea party with stuffed animals in attendance is adorable with littles in the house.

A cocktail party is fun for friends and family. Choose red and pink beverages (make sure to offer plenty of soft drinks, too).

Heart-shaped pizza party is delightful! Either make your own or purchase from a local pizzeria that could use your business.

Go on a heart scavenger hunt in your home! You’d be surprised how many things resemble hearts - like my potato chip! ❤️

Get some Valentine’s napkins, a box of conversation hearts, and a plan for February 14th in some way, you’ll be so glad you did!




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