Tuesday, August 4, 2015

My Lifelong Love and Connection to Education By: Candice Smith

When I was a child, from the earliest age, I played "School". I pretended to have a class, lessons to teach, and a grade book to record "their" scores.

My parents always stressed the importance of school. I knew Education was important to them and that I was going to get a formal one.

School was a wonderful place for me and although I wasn't a straight A student, I did well. I worked hard and learned.

Education excited me.

Learning empowered me.

As I grew older my career path seemed destined to be in the classroom.

I enjoyed teaching History/Social Studies to my students.

Working with other teachers enriched me.

Being evaluated by my administrators gave me new goals to strive for and also a glorious feeling that my techniques were valued.

My students' rapt attention, awesome questions, and eagerness to learn - some days! - kept me motivated.

My students' parents' appreciation of me for reaching their children humbled me.

After leaving teaching to raise my own family I found myself still teaching.

I teach my children.

As a M.O.M.S. Club President I taught and was taught by the many Moms AND Dads who populated the club.

As a Den Leader I taught my Cub Scouts.

I always knew my life would include Education, revolve around the Schools, and keep me connected to Children.

My bid to run for Hopatcong School Board is a continuation of my lifelong path.

It is my goal yesterday, today, and always to strive to take action in...

"Putting Our Children First".

By voting for me on November 3, 2015 you can do the same.

Thank you!


  1. By voting for Candice you can only improve the Education of the children in the Hopatcong School System. Her love of Education & experience will add years of experience in Education to the School Board. A positive step, toward a greater school system. Consider a vote for her one that is a statement toward better education.

  2. A vote for Candice is a vote for pride in education. Ready to see your children learn family values? With your help and the school systems assistance you can begin a transformation of the education system. Be part of the solution, vote for Candice on November 3, 2015.

  3. I remember Candice from "Way Back When", Before her Daily Blog went over 10,000 Followers, before her Radio Show, Before she was interviewing the 'Big Names In Motorsports'. She is an "Overachiever" with an infectious Positive Attitude! When she speaks... You can't help but listen. A School Board with an 'Influential Speaker' with a 'Positive Attitude' & an Agenda of 'Better Education of Our Youth' as a Priority.... You Got My Vote!!!

  4. It took this 'One Fingered Typist' 5 tries to post this. (The other 4 were longer & even more "Glowing & Supportive"!) ;-)) ROFL