Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Simple Joys

Welcome to Simple Joys on Chief 187™Chatter.

Simple Joys are the things in this world that give you happiness throughout the day. Although they could be material things, more often than not it is something in passing – a warm smile, a funny Faceboook post, or a suggestive text – that puts a smile on your face and makes the daily doldrums disappear, if just for a moment.

Gathering Simple Joys throughout the hours changes one’s perspective for the better. Even those people saddled with life’s toughest can find – and enjoy – Simple Joys. It’s all about opening one’s heart to the goodness around that provides the soul the opportunity to indulge in the riches of Simple Joys.

Make a conscious decision to find your Simple Joys today. You will find that they really are all around and, with the smallest bit of effort, you, too, can make Simple Joys for yourself and others.

And now, without further ado, is this week’s Simple Joys.

Daffodils – Years ago my husband dutifully dug some holes to lovingly place an assortment of daffodil bulbs in the garden patch underneath the windows of our home. The soil is very rocky where I live and not a lot grows easily. By some turn of fortune the bulbs bloom brightly and optimistically every early Spring providing me with comfort, excitement, and a plethora of Simple Joys.

Denim Jacket – I’ve always enjoyed the look and feel of a beloved denim jacket. A fashion staple for both men and women, it is a timeless, universal look. Recently my oldest child, my son, asked for a denim jacket of his own as he outgrew the last model he had which was handed down to his brother. Before I hit the stores I shopped our closets and came across the denim jacket my husband wore in high school. It was lovingly preserved and waiting for the next man to put it on and wear it. My son excitedly tried the jacket on and although it is a bit large on him, he quickly claimed it as his own. The cooler temperatures in the morning and evening make this a staple in his wardrobe. Seeing my son wear the jacket my husband used to wear when we were in high school together brings a rush of memories and a deep appreciation of the Simple Joys having our son wear it brings.

Lego Friends – For Easter the Easter Bunny left my daughter two small sets from the Lego Friends collection. I don’t believe Legos are for boys and Lego Friends are for girls. I think each has its place for both sexes. I digress, I helped my daughter make the two sets and have enjoyed the look, feel, and components of these Legos immensely. One package was an office/desk set complete with laptop computer and mug. This made me feel overwhelmed with happiness and emotion that my daughter could role play with elements that reminded her of her mom! Legos have often been a Simple Joy for me and my family, and now Lego Friends joins the list!

Pocono Raceway – It was touch and go for a while with colder-than-normal temperatures, but the first Vintage Sports Car Club of America event (northeast) is happening this weekend at Pocono Raceway. My husband is the Chair of the event but his long anticipated and awaited state licensing exams for he to earn his Engineering license is the same weekend! While he is taking two eight hour tests over two days, I will help with duties where I can. Racing and congregating at Pocono Raceway always brings about tremendous and numerous Simple Joys.

Despicable Me – My family and I are usually late to the party when it comes to movie releases. One that had slipped by us was Despicable Me starring Steve Carrell. We rented it and watched it over the weekend. We thoroughly enjoyed it, laughed like mad, and even shed a tear at a couple of different parts. Now I am anticipating the sequel due out this summer. A movie that the entire family can sit and watch, and enjoy is a wonderful Simple Joy.

Each week I try to remember the collection of Simple Joys that I have acquired. Some weeks are easier than others, but with a little concentration I always find I have an entire list to revel.

The best part about Simple Joys is that they are available to everyone no matter their circumstances. A gentle reminder to find and enjoy them is sometimes all we need.

So look for YOUR Simple Joys throughout the day and week and make a mental note (or a physical list) to count your blessings.

The perspective switch will enhance your life and make Simple Joys all the easier to identify and enjoy.

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  1. This weeks Simple Joy is hearing Racer 187 is going to be back where he belongs, behind the wheel of the Daimler :-)