Friday, June 29, 2012

Friday Music Blog-Kentucky

Welcome to the Friday Music Blog on Chief 187™Chatter.

This week NASCAR returns to Kentucky Speedway, the scene of epic bungling last year for its inaugural race. But that was then and now promises to be… better!

So, while preparing for the Quaker State 400 this weekend, get your minds wrapped around songs that contain the word “Kentucky” in their title, lyric, and/or band

If Kentucky bluegrass music is your thing, throw that out there as well!

And, finally, if you know of any singers, songwriters, and/or bands from Kentucky, include them, too.

Please make the effort to revisit this blog throughout the day and weekend to see the selections added. Interactive blogs are most fun when the readers actually interact and add their two cents!

Weekends in general are a fantastic time to brush up on the articles here at Chief 187™Chatter. From finding easy, accessible, and tasty recipes on the Tantalizing Thursday posts to entertainment ideas on the Monday Media (or Movie) Blogs, there is so much to utilize. Looking for an uplifting read? Try Simple Joys or one of the Wednesday Freestyle posts. And, of course, the Friday Music Blog can beef up your music knowledge and catalogue.

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  1. Blue Moon of Kentucky-Bill Monroe. also Elvis
    Kentucky Rain - Elvis

  2. Didn't Carmen Miranda sing about Paducah?