Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Simple Joys

Welcome to Simple Joys on Chief 187™Chatter.

Sometimes life is just hard. Health issues can derail the best of intentions. Whether chronic or sudden, when you don’t feel well it is so difficult to find your Simple Joys.

Sometimes the only release is tears… even if that makes symptoms worse.

And sometimes you need to have enormous strength to admit you need help.

Simple Joys can become clouded over like storm clouds obscure the sun. But those times only magnify the importance, the magnitude, and the intense need for Simple Joys to exist in the world – our personal world.

And now, without further ado, is this week’s Simple Joys.

Drafting the Circuits – I spend every Wednesday night on air with my hand-picked panel of motorsports enthusiasts doing a racing radio program. Whereas there are times prepping for the show – securing guests, catching up on several racing series and motorsports news – I always have a supremely enjoyable time doing the actual show.

Spending time with people I adore, talking about a topic I enjoy, and laughing the hour away is a stress-relieving, unbelievably fun Simple Joy.

Nursery School – My third and final child has finally started school. She is now attending the same nursery school her big brothers did. It’s been a few years since we’ve been there, but all of the core staff, values, and good feelings still exist.

Starting school for the first time can be scary for children – and parents – but finding a place you love, your children love and flourish in, and that gives you a sense of peace and joy is a priceless Simple Joy.

Parents – I am so very blessed to have both of my parents living and near me in the summertime. The summer days are dwindling and fall’s relentless arrival is near, but my parents are still here. Not only do we have a lot of fun together, but they nearly saved my life last week.

I was suffering a headache that had stayed for three days – unheard of for me – and was fearful it was a sign of far more severe medical problems. I called for help to get to the doctor’s office – I needed childcare for my children and a ride as I was in severe pain – and my parents dropped everything they were doing to help me.

Luckily, the appointment led to a diagnosis that calmed my nerves, I was prescribed a brilliant medication combo, and was sent on my way. My father fetched the meds while my mother made me a hot cup of tea. Within a few hours I was back to normal and laughing with my parents.

I will reiterate, I am so lucky on so many fronts. Lucky my parents were so near and willing to help, lucky my headache was easily diagnosed and so lucky the pain was snuffed away with one dose of meds.

Having my parents around to truly care for me, keep my children safe, and nurse me back to health is a Simple Joy I will never take for granted nor ever forget.

Flamenco dress – My in-laws returned to our home briefly from a trip to Portugal and Spain. We had a whirlwind visit that was all too short. My mom in-law always brings gifts to the children, my husband and me. One gift in particular brought miles of smiles and tons of fun ~ a Flamenco dress for my 3 year old daughter!

She was instantly excited upon seeing the pink confection her grandma and grandpa brought her. Insisting she put the outfit on immediately, we adults whipped out our smart phones and cameras to snap pictures. My daughter posed like she was an actual Flamenco dancer! We howled with laughter, cooed over her beauty and poise, and fell in love with her all over again!

Seeing my daughter in the pink Flamenco dress and flower for her hair was an entertaining and delicious Simple Joy!

Back to School Night – For some attending back to school night at their child’s school is an odious task. But I love going to see my child’s teacher, meet the principal, and see my friends. This year my husband joined me (as he’s done in the past). This time things were different as he is one of the Den Leaders of our son’s Cub Scout Den. It wasn’t just my friends from MOMS Club, Scouts, and playdates, but HIS friends, too!

We’re so happy to report our son has an excellent teacher. Starting the year with much optimism, a positive outlook, and a group of awesome friends is a jubilant Simple Joy.

I was so very lucky this past week to have a network of friends and family to look after me when I was physically not at my best.

Simple Joys were lurking but until I could clear some doubt about my health, let go of some unrealistic expectations, and just breathe, I couldn’t locate them easily.

The moment I “Let Go and Let God” and asked for help from my parents, husband, and myself, I was able to move on, get healthier, and gain peace.

My story is certainly a personal one. My goal is to keep perspective each week and encourage myself to seek out and enjoy the Simple Joys that exist in my life.

If reading my Simple Joys encourages you to clear your mind to find your own more frequently, then that in itself is a Simple Joy.

Wishing you all a week full of Simple Joys.

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